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What Causes Yeast Infection In Women

What causes yeast infection in women

Candida albicans

Yeast infections are more common in women than men. It is true that women are more prone to yeast infections, but at the same time, it is important to understand the real causes of yeast infections. Technically speaking, yeast is a fungus that causes change in the pH balance or imbalance in the vagina. The levels of the acid make the environment favorable for its growth in the vagina. The yeasts, Candida or Monilia, can be easily identified and treated if you are able to understand the real cause. There is no need to worry because yeast infections can be easily recognized and cured with antifungal medicines.

What causes yeast infection in women?  Yeast of course

Yeast is present in vagina all the time in moderate quantities. When the yeast population multiplies the person feels all kinds of discomforts such as irritation and mild pain in the area. A yeast infection usually does not develop into a serious issue but it can be an irritating problem that recurs often.

Mother Nature has embedded in all women certain kinds of bacteria that control the growth of yeast. Modern women contrive to get that bacteria destroyed occasionally. The main reason for yeast infections is the decay in the number of such “good” bacteria. Let us see how these bacteria are destroyed.

Causes of Yeast infection: Using Antibiotics

Antibiotics have become an integral part of modern treatment regime. It is very well documented that antibiotics can cause many side effects. Several antibiotics kill the yeast-controlling bacteria present in vagina. If you have had a yeast infection be careful when you take antibiotics. It is better to check with your physician about the side effects of the prescribed antibiotics, particularly related to vaginal infection.

Yeast infection by using other Chemicals

The vagina is often subjected to many kinds of chemicals ranging from lubricants to odor-preventing deodorants. Most of these lubricants and deodorants contain chemicals that could kill the bacteria, which control the yeast. In fact, such bacteria are one of the reasons for the odor emanating from the vagina. If you kill such bacteria, the odor will be gone but the area will become a fertile field for the yeast.   Medical practitioners even prohibit the use of soap in the vaginal area for these reasons.

Use of condoms by men during sex can cause yeast infections in many women. It has been proven that the latex and lubricants in the condom can promote yeast infections as well as bladder infections. If you are allergic to the latex and lubricants in the condom, consult your physician and try different options for safe sex. Using other forms of birth control may contribute to the forming of a yeast infection. Eating the right foods, getting rest and choosing all natural foods will help keep your body protected from any harm.

Yeast infections can be transferred from a man to a woman during the sexual activity. In general, the symptoms of yeast infections in men cannot be recognized easily. It is quite possible to infect women who are considered to be more prone to yeast infections than men are. In addition, weakened immune systems due to HIV, thyroid disease, etc. can cause yeast infections in many women.

What causes the yeast infection in women?  Too much Yeast!

Another prominent reason for yeast infection is the deposit of yeast on the vagina from external sources. Underwear is the main medium through which yeast is transferred.  Finally, women who avoid wearing loose cotton underwear are more prone to yeast infections. It is always suggested to dry the genital area before wearing any cotton underwear.  Wash the underwear thoroughly using hot water. In addition, tight-fit underwear should be avoided.

In addition, avoiding douches, changing wet swimsuits as soon as you can, avoiding hot baths, adequate sleep, and good eating habits can definitely help you to avoid discomfort due to yeast infections.

Believe it or not, the excessive amount of yeast ingested has caused increased infections. By eating foods and beverages such as bread, beer and other yeast product you are encouraging the growth and development of yeast throughout your body. Your body can only hold so much yeast before the yeast takes over. This is why it is important to balance your diet out with probiotics found in yogurt or other foods to promote the healthy growth of good bacteria.

Yeast infections due to pregnancy

Yeast infections are also very common during pregnancy. The different hormonal changes in the body during the second trimester can suppress a woman’s immune system. The glycogen and high levels of estrogen during pregnancy offer suitable environment for the rapid growth of yeast. There’s no need to worry because the yeast infection will not affect your unborn baby and they are easily cured within a few days of medication.

Ways to help with yeast infections

From seeing what causes yeast infection in women,  it is no wonder that in our modern world, yeast infections are very common.   Thankfully there many ways to help.   From the counter drugs, to home remedies and the help you receive from your doctor you don’t have to suffer for long.  For more tips and ideas to preventing yeast infections as well as getting rid of them visit the various posts on our site.
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